Farah Gul
ISLAMABAD: Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister briefed the Committee about the current situation of the Corona Virus in the country. He briefed that Government had made SOPs to stop the spread of COVID-19 under National Command and Control Center and also ensure the enforcement of those SOPs through local administration.

He further said that “Due to current economic situation it is impossible to implement complete lockdown in the country”. However, the government focusing on smart lockdown policy; in this regard more then 500 areas were pointed out to implement the smart lockdown where the patients of COVID-19 increases day by day.

While briefing about the provision of Health Facilities he said that 1000 ventilators would be reached in the country to facilitate the critical patients of COVID-19 by the end of this month moreover, 5000 health workers have been trained to face the emergency situation regarding the COVID-19.

The members from opposition criticize the policies of the Government as to why the Government was unable to follow the SOPs of World Health Organization (WHO) which caused the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The Committee also protesting against the non-availably of oxygen gas for Parliamentarians affected from COVID-19 in Parliament Lodges.


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