COMSATS has been endorsed for membership of the Alliance of International Science
Organizations (ANSO) during the ANSO Governing Board meeting held in Beijing,
China. The final decision on membership shall be made during ANSO General
Assembly scheduled to be held in Moscow, in May 2020. COMSATS was one of the
fifteen organizations endorsed for membership in 2019.
The membership shall benefit COMSATS Member States and Centres of Excellence to
participate in ANSO’s activities including fellowship and scholarships; prize and awards;
training program; collaborative research; and professional associations.
ANSO, founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2018, is committed to
promoting shared development, sustainable development and the advancement of the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through catalyzing and implementing
concrete international cooperation initiatives in Science, Technology & Innovation, and
Capacity Building (STIC).
COMSATS and ANSO have considerable overlap between their mission, objectives and
activities, and therefore, there are enormous possibilities of collaboration. The
membership to ANSO would be an important milestone for COMSATS in its efforts to
facilitate South-South and Triangular cooperation for sustainable socio-economic uplift
of the developing countries.
To enhance the membership for the COMSATS, Executive Director, COMSATS, Dr.
S.M. Junaid Zaidi, is having series of meetings with Ambassadors/diplomats from
potential countries posted in Pakistan and heads of International Organizations. In this
connection, he also met the Ambassador of Ukraine in Pakistan, Volodymyr Lakomov,
and explores the possibilities for accepting membership of COMSATS for Ukraine.
During the meeting, Executive Director briefed the ambassador the importance and
benefits of joining Ukraine as member state of COMSATS. The Ambassador assured
that he will take up the proposal with his government for early decision.


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