Arif Mehmood Khan
ISLAMABAD-Pakistan’s top fashion designer,Qurat-ul-Ain designed branded with Annzia clothes was appreciated by the people in a show that was held at Twin City Express Hall, Islamabad on other day.
Over 150 designers including male and female presented their brands in the show.Quart-ul-Ain aka Aeni performed the duty of judge in the sparking fashion show of country.Also, her designed clothes were the part of this cat-walk show.
It is important to mention here that she was given Fashion Award 2019 and was picked up for the next round by the top rank judges.Judges were examined the body language, height, walk, way of carrying dress and concordance on the ramp during this round.
Next round nominated models will be judged on the basis of their talk,way of behaviour,knowledge,way of talking. As many as 20 male and 20 females models selected by judges panel on October 23, 2019, who will take part in next show.
Prominent model and well known fashion designer Qurat-ul-Aeen said on this occasion that his work was excellent because she toils hard. I started designed in young age and learnt very quickly and remain on top among the Pakistani designers for last six years “I have spent four years in field, worked with famous brands. Now a days people following short shirts with Gagra, Makcy, Kepare are my popular designs, “she maintained. 
She further said that she spent four years in field, worked with Studio and prominent brands. “My work has been appreciated in field. Event should be organise throughout the country by this reason fashion industry could get growth, “she added. 
She said that her fashion clothes were popular in the different varieties for every age of women and girls. She desired that girls who want to learn fashion designing wok and she would her them training. “I want to motivate ever girl to learn fashion designing work”.
She said regarding the fashion industry in Pakistan that she wished for industry to move forward, Quratul Aeen seems bright future for Pakistan Fashion Industry.


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