Tariq Ullah Wardak
ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) will execute the project for construction of 10th Avenue in Islamabad. Federal Government will provide funding for the project through PSDP. CDWP has approved the plan by CDA for construction of 10th Avenue.

According to CDA the 7.6  Kilometers long 10th Avenue will be constructed in three phases . In first phase 10th Avenue will be constructed from Kashmir Highway to Service Road (N) I-9/I-10, in Second phase from Service Road North I-9/I-10 to IJP Road and in third phase from Kashmir Highway to Khayaban-e-Iqbal. The completion period of the project will be three years.  The cost of the Phase 1 of the project is 3901.225 millions, phase II Rs. 3451.225 millions and Phase III is Rs.3725 .550 millions. Total PC I cost of the project therefore is Rs.11078.000 millions.

This was said CDA in a statement that the Incumbent CDA Administration has been working on a comprehensive strategy to boost infrastructure in Islamabad and develop long neglected residential sectors. Accordingly development works in Islamabad are witnessing a new pace. Construction of 10th Avenue is part of Master Plan of Islamabad but remained overlooked by successive CDA managements despite its dire need. Incumbent CDA Administration which is sensitive to needs and of the city and problems of people decided to take up this project. The construction of 10th Avenue will straightly benefit the people living in I-10,H-10,I-9,H-9,G-10 and F-10. The project will ease traffic congestion on Faqeer Appi Road and 9th Avenue.

When initiated, the project will include road work, construction of overhead bridge at Margalla Railway station, underpass at H-9/H-10, Interchange at Kashmir Highway, Rehabilitation/resettlement of slum in Sector H-9, underpass at I-9, I-10, box culvert / nullah bridge, interchange at IJP Road, underpass at G-9/G-10, underpass at Ibne-e-Seena Road, underpass at Jinnah Avenue and underpass at F-9,F-10.


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