ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Republic of Belarus to Pakistan, called on Dr Fehmida Mirza and extended her invitation to visit Belarus in April for signing MOU’s regarding bilateral cooperation in sports and tourism.His Excellency Mr Andrei G Ermolovich Ambassador of Belarus to Pakistan, called on Federal Minister of IPC, Dr Fehmida Mirza and extended her invitation to visit Belarus in April for signing MOU’s regarding bilateral cooperation in the field of sports and tourism.After the exchange of greetings, Dr Fehmida expressed that Pakistan has got immense potential in the field of sports and tourism that is yet to be tapped. As it is a low hanging fruit so in order to reap the benefits and further mutual cooperation between the two countries, a concentrated effort needs to be paid towards these two areas.Subsequent to extension of invitation to the minister, Ambassador expressed that Belarus desires to conduct a sports event between the two heads of the state,whenever PM Imran khan will visit Belarus. Dr Fehmida stated that there is a lot that we can learn from Belarus in sports, especially in hockey and football. She also pointed out towards the annual winter sports vacations in Belarus that are celebrated every year with great zeal, and expressed to replicate it in Pakistan as well in order to advance sports promotion throughout the country.After stating that there are already established mechanisms between the two countries in some areas, she stressed that now more focus needs to be paid towards developing these mechanisms in tourism and sports as well. Moreover, she underscored that previously also a number of MOU,s were signed ,but no tangible action has ever been taken. Highlighting that,she claimed that now it’s high time to go for the implementation of all these MOU’s, more so in terms of investment, exchange of travel operators, and also sports coaches.Following that,Ambassador mentioned about the Joint Ministerial Commission’s meeting that is going to be held in March. Commenting on that, Dr Fehmida emphasized that mattersof mutual interest like agriculture, industry, tourism, and trade should also be advanced through this meeting.Besides this, Minister also proposed to the ambassador that a joint mechanism similar to that of “Sister Cities Project” can be developed between two countries and cooperation between the two capitals can be strengthened. Regarding promotion of sports in Pakistan, she told that she is now more focused towards upgradation and revamping of the Pakistan sports complex and other facilities in order to provide a great deal of facilitation to all the athletes.Meanwhile, Ambassador also appreciated the beauty of Pakistan, its landscape, people, and also cusine. Upon that minister invited him to visit the northern areas of Pakistan and attend the “Shandur Festival” as he showed great interest in playing free style Polo.


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